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Faced With A Business Challenge

Seven Steps To Consider In helping You Find A Solution

1. Where is this issue on a scale of 1 – 10?

  • Where 10 is devastating and somebody might die
  • Where 1 is its a minor inconvenience
  • Being able to identify the size of the issue will allow you to identify the priority it requires

2. How important will this be in 6 months time?

  • If it will be of no importance in 6 months then perhaps it isn’t really a business challenge
  • If not sorting this out now will mean that in 6 months its a major issue, then perhaps you need to be allocating resource to solve the problem
Faced With A Business Challenge

3. Is your response appropriate and effective?

  • Just because your best customer is one day overdue on payment should you really send them a letter telling them that you will never supply them again
  • A supplier has inadvertently sent you the wrong item. Do you really need to de list them
  • A customer complains about a customer experience – do you really want to publish on social media that this specific customer is a pain 

4. How can you improve or influence the situation?

  • Is there anything that you can do that will facilitate solving the problem
  • Will anybody else have faced this problem before
  • Will some new technology, equipment or expertise help you in the resolution

5. What can you learn from resolving the challenge

  • In resolving the challenge what helped
  • Were any particular people of help

6. What will you differently next time

  • As part of the experience in resolving the challenge do you now know what systems and processes you can improve / change
  • How will you make sure you don’t make these mistakes again

7. What can you find that’s positive from resolving the challenge

  • Often being faced with an important challenge to resolve provides us with lots of learning points
  • Why not takes some time out to consider what positives have come out from resolving the challenge
  • Can these positive points be communicated to the rest of the company

Faced With A Business Challenge

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