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Export Advice For Manufacturers

Manufacturers who are looking for additional growth are often tempted to consider the potential of exporting. Export Advice For Manufacturers is available from a wide variety of sources.

There are two important elements to consider

  1. How qualified is the source of information / advisor to provide practical, relevant and timely help to your current export questions
  2. Should you really be considering exporting as part of your growth strategy. Have you saturated the local market, if not then developing your local market could provide a far more effective strategy
Export Advice For Manufacturers

Export Advice For Manufacturers

Before we consider the issue of export advice for manufacturers, lets consider what advice is available to manufacturers who are looking for growth. Many manufacturers start the process of considering export because they are looking for additional growth but have started to struggle within their home market. So the advice / help that the manufacturing company should be really looking for first is

  • Have I saturated the local UK market such that there is no further business available
  • If the answer is no and there would appear to be significant homeland based potential, what do you need to do differently to grow local business. If you have failings or weaknesses that are impacting on your capability of genertaing local business, what will change when you try and sell this product to an export market.
  • Its always best to make sure that the products or services that you currently provide fit are for purpose – specification, benefits provided , quality , availability, support, price etc If you get all of these elements sorted, once you have saturated the local market you may find that when you look to export you are ideally positioned to benefit from any advantages currency valuations may play at the time.

For more information on export advice for manufacturers click here or click here for a link that shows current export opportunities that UKTI is aware of.

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