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Exhibiting At Trade Shows Mistake #4

Not Gathering Data

Mistake 4: Not Capturing The Details Of People Who Visit

Well organised trade shows will have spent huge amounts of time and money building a list and communicating with the list to encourage them to attend.
For those who attend their details will have been captured as the show badge is produced. On entry the badge will be scanned  which can identify how often you entered the show

Its Not Just About The Technology

So when someone visits your stand and says “Please can you send me a brochure” and you say “Please let me scan your badge”, is there really data capture taking place.

  • So now you have captured the details of the person – based on the information they provided when they signed up for the free admission to the event
  • Are they really
    • A senior manager
    • With ultimate decision making capabilities
    • Of a 100 employee plus company
    • With a turnover of over fifty million pounds
    • Interested in …
    • Whose name just happens to be Bert Smith
    • Now I’m not saying that people deliberately give misinformation but perhaps not everybody is as honest as yourself
  • What if you had engaged in conversation
    • Asked them if there was anything they were specifically interested in
    • The type of industry they worked in
    • The problems that they faced
    • What had made them come to your stand
    • Gained their business card

Building A profile

Now if all the information you gained through conversation was captured on the customer prospect database you have significantly more information to consider when

  • You conduct a post show analysis and try and identify if the quality of people visiting the stand had improved
  • You prioritise which of the prospects should be dealt with
  • You send them post show information

Exhibiting At Trade Shows

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