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Exhibiting At Trade Shows Mistake #3

People Buy From People

Mistake 3: Are The Salespeople Engaging

Your at the trade show and after months of planning and the maddest, busiest 48 hours prior to the show doors opening you are ready to communicate the message about your products or services and hopefully fill your customer pipeline for the next twelve months.

Its All About The Sales People

So why have people on the stand who don’t want to engage with visitors. Here are some recent observations

  • As a person walked onto an empty stand the sales person avoided eye contact and started to reorganise sales leaflets.
  • I watched in disbelief as a visitor went to a stand where 3 people stood by the product display. The visitor was reading the point of sale display, picked up some sales literature, watched the continuous loop video and when nobody engaged with them … left
  • The sales person on the stand sat on the trade stand, declined the opportunity to stand up and engage with a visitor, a blatant case of I really cant be bothered
  • I know that we all have to eat. But when you are on a exhibiting when its your turn to eat you really  shouldn’t eat on the trade stand, it just doesn’t seem professional
  • Finally we all know that trade shows can be a drag, tiresome, a drain etc, but if you look miserable that will affect those walking past. A pleasant smile will go along way if you want to engage with people

Exhibiting At Trade Shows Mistake #3 – Be seen as different

So next time you are organising an event identify what you can do to make it easier for your staff to be happy and enjoy themselves (whilst remaining the consummate professionals that they are). Think about the last time you went to speak with someone who looked miserable.

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