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Exhibiting At Trade Events Mistake #5

Poorly Designed Graphics

Mistake 5: People Haven’t Got A Clue What You Do

Your trade stand space has been secured and now have to decide what to put into the space. Perhaps you can fit in pop up stands, or banner stands or even have a bespoke stand made for the event. So as part of the planning you come up with key messages or information that you think will be of use to a visitor at the show

This Is How It Often Goes Wrong

  • You identify all the products or services that you want to make people aware of that you offer and find this runs to a list of over 20 items
  • You also want to include information about
    • Your website address which is of course isn’t as short and snappy as  or
    • Your logo – and you want to have that really BIG so that people know who you are
  • You give the designer 48 hours to come up with a creative graphics / visuals
  • As you have so many products and services and you don’t want to focus on a specific customer type you think it best to include a generic type of imagery
  • Between the people within the company there is no one who is actually formally skilled with a marketing or design qualification. This automatically puts you at a disadvantage in terms of identifying the messages or imagery that will create impact to a passing visitor
  • You are trying to keep costs down so therefore don’t want to waste money o expensive fluffy / frilly marketing support services
  • Of course there are no exhibition objectives or campaign requirements as you have no marketing strategy

Exhibiting At Trade Events – An alternative approach

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