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Exhibiting At Trade Show’s : Mistake Number 1

The Benefits Of A Well Organised Trade Show Or Exhibition

  1. A well targeted and promoted trade show, should attract the type of people you will be interested in talking to and importantly who will have an interest in your product or service
  2. In the space of a few hours / days you can meet a high volume of people.
  3. By exhibiting at the trade show, often through the organiser you can often purchase or gain a list of all the attendees
  4. Many trade shows now have break out sessions or key note speaking sessions whereby you have the opportunity to present and be seen as an authority within the industry
  5. Trade shows can be a very cost efficient way of building a prospect list. For example if it costs £1000 to attend a trade show, and you get to meet and speak to 50 target prospects then that equates to a cost of only £20 per lead

Cost, Time and Effort

So the key resources required for the trade show are

  • Money – cost of stand space, exhibition materials, staff (salaries, travelling, accommodation entertaining)
  • Time – preshow, during the show and post show

Exhibiting At Trade Shows Mistake Number 1: Not engaging with show visitors

So you have been to all the effort of booking the space, organising the stand, getting a listing in the show guide and event pr. The show opens, visitors arrive and you sit down behind a protective force field  (table) and get on your mobile phone to avoid human interaction.
If you are going to exhibit at a trade surely one of the primary functions is to engage with visitors. So next time you are organising event identify what will make it easier for your staff to engage with visitors
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