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Exhibiting At Trade Shows – Mistake # 2

Sector / Industry Specific  Trade Shows

Mistake 2: Being seen as just the same as everybody else

Last month I was lucky to visit 2 major trade shows being held at the NEC. There were in total 5 industry shows taking place each aimed at a unique audience. The pre show promotion for each of the individual shows had been excellent and the range of seminars and related activities idea. All in an attempt to encourage those interested with the sector to attend.

Stainless Stainless Everywhere

So when I turned up at the first trade show, waved my pre-registered badge and entered I was greeted by the first exhibitor who had a bank of gleaming stainless steel equipment whirring, whizzing and rotating. I was at the processing and packaging machinery exhibition. As I looked down the multiple aisles I was greeted by row upon row of whirring, whizzing and rotating stainless steel machine’s. After only a few minutes I was completely a blur with Stainless Steel and every exhibition stand morphed into the next.

Please no more rapid prototype components

From the PPMA I went into TCT the rapid prototyping show. No stainless steel here – every stand was fully loaded with multi- coloured rapid prototype produced skulls, figurines or components. Again every stand looked the same whilst trying to convey “my components are better than your components”. I believe even the most enthusiastic visitor would have struggled after a while to stop and pay attention at a stand.

Be seen as different

So one of the key challenges is that by attending a trade event targeted at your potential customers it is very likely that your competitors are going to be attending. So next time you are organising an event identify what will make it easier for your display and message to stand out and draw in visitors. Its the classic challenge what can you do to differentiate yourself

Exhibiting At Trade Shows – Mistake # 2

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