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Embroidered Work Polo Shirts

Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Matching Men’s and Women’s Styles

Choose from a range a stylish, high performance polo shirts, many with matching men’s and ladies styles..  These styles can be easily embroidered with your logo or design. Choose a reputable decorator (manufacturer) who will manufacture to the highest standards ensuring your logo is clear and sharp.

Embroidered Work Polo Shirts

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Embroidered Work Polo Shirts – Personalised

Once you place an order you can typically expect a sample of your embroidered logo for your approval. Choose specialists in embroidering logos onto garments as the quality of the work will be based on expertise, modern machinery, quality embroidery thread. Once you have approved the sample the manufacturer will complete your order and embroider the polo shirts.  

Your embroidery design – What we need from you

  • You will need a clear copy of your design a simple JPEG is fine. The higher quality the jp the better
  • Some manufacturers will accept a compliment slip, business card, or even a sketch  of what you are looking for
  • A good decorator will be able to offer advice to ensure the final result will be excellent.

Your pantone references – matched to thread

Where you have specific pantone colours in your logo design it will be possible to match cheap clomid these very closely  using pantone thread guides to allow matching to the correct colour thread. Note : There are multiple pantone colours so many decorators won’t hold all thread colours. This means that if you want an exact match you may have to wait for thread to be delivered
Ensure that top quality rayon thread is used so you will no concerns about fading or the colour running.  

The costs – origination of your logo and embroidering

Most decorators will charge a “once only” origination cost with your first order this is to cover the cost of converting the file from a jpeg or other image file type into a format that will be suitable for the embroidery machine.  Note once this has been completed the file can be used on future orders (so you if you repeat an order you should not be charged another origination fee) If you are having particularly large embroideries a decorator may charge you more for their origination. Standard embroideries could be considered as the left breast, sleeve and back of the neck and typically cost around £2.00 per garment.

Embroidered Work Polo Shirts Need More Information

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