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Embroidered Equestrian Jackets Are They Enhanced By The Brand

The equestrian market like many sporting markets is frequented by major brands. Within the equestrian sector Aerborn, Musto, Charles Owen etc to name but a few. So the marketing question is for someone who is looking to purchase an Embroidered Equestrian jacket should they buy a premium quality product.

This way associating their name with the premium brand. Or if you are having your product embroidered would you be better with an unbranded product.

There are numerous companies who specialise in supplying the wide range of equestrian branded products. There are a few companies who exclusively embroider onto branded equestrian based products. Embroidered personalisation can be provided a wide range of equestrian clothing, equestrian competition clothing, embroidered equestrian jackets and equestrian work wear.

Embroidered Equestrian Jackets Are They Enhanced By The Brand

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Which Brand or Style of Embroidered Equestrian Jackets

One of the key challenges is that there are so many styles and designs available. The marketing dilemma appears to be that if you go for a premium brand of clothing will your logo be associated positively or ignored.

For equestrian clothing embroidery is the most durable of all the types of personalisation and can be applied to most clothing items. With new techniques and processes a single garment can be personalised

Embroidered Equestrian Jackets Process

  • If you dont have a logo or design in mind most companies can help in the design process
  • This design is then digitized into an embroidery format (essentially it converts into all the stiches
  • Depending upon the garment a sample of the embroidery on a sample piece of material will be provided
  • Unlike printing when an exact pantone colour can be matched with embroidery it is down to the available cotton colours
  • Typically any number of items from from 1 to 000’s can be embroidered
  • Some garments that require personalisation are better to have a print finish. This is particularly true if a large number of a Tshirts are required for an equestrian club
  • With the wide range of clothing and size options whilst most suppliers stock a large range of items some may require ordering in from Europe and take one to two weeks to be delivered

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