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Elements Of High Performing Email

The 10 Elements Of A High Performing E Mail

Essential Elements For Your Next E Mail Campaign

From our experience of completing e mail campaigns for clients over the last 7 years we believe there are 10 elements that should be considered as part of your e mail.

1. A clear attention grabbing E Mail Subject line

  • Having the title “Newsletter” as your subject line is unlikely to create a sense of urgency to read
  • Equally having a subject line “Rocket Propel Your Sales by 300%” might grab your attention but if you are unable to substantiate will lead to a high level of frustration

2. An actual person as the sender

  • Receiving an e mail from admin / sales / enquiries might be the functional way to remove direct contact but is very impersonal. If the e mail is going to customers you manage then you should be prepared to put your name against it.
  • If you have a personal relationship then don’t lose it with an impersonal e mail. Many people will look at who the sender is first and if the email is from someone they don’t know then the e mail is deleted.

3. Company branding

  • Whilst we always recommend that make my logo smaller cream is used, it is important that once an email is opened it is easy to identify which company / organisation the email is from

4. Appropriate segment / Personalised content

  •  Managing your list as with all marketing activities is critical and never more so than with e mail campaigns.
  • If you have different customer types then these need to be segmented, that way you can send content that is both personalised and relevant to the appropriate segment

5.. Value proposition and context

  • If you are sending emails to a person then the general rule is that the content should be of value / useful. That way hopefully they will
    • Either click a link within the e mail or take an appropriate action from within the email
    • Read the subject line and then delete
    • Worse case scenarios being that they report the e mail as spam or choose to unsubscribe from the list

6. Obvious focused call to action

  • If the purpose of the e mail is to inform and stimulate action then it should be really easy to identify what to do
  • Buttons, boxes or clearly defined hyper links will help
  • I will include examples in the next news post on e mail marketing

7. Relevant Image

  • If you are lucky enough that the person opens the email to actually get to the content
  • Then if there are words or images the images will be the element that the person automatically focuses on
  • Therefore chose your images carefully and make sure that it is both relevant and interesting
  • Importantly reduce the size of the image to ensure it is optimised for display on the web. A huge multi mega bit image will be slow to load

8. Social sharing buttons or links – A secondary call to action

  • A good e mail delivery package will have the capability built in to allow e mail sharing or social sharing
  • These should appear towards the bottom of the e mail and provide an additional call to action for the recipient

9. Link to a privacy policy

  • Always good practice to tell your recipients about how you are managing their details

10. Unsubscribe link

  • Last but not least you should always give your recipients the opportunity to easily unsubscribe
  • This complies not only with e mail good practice but should actually be seen as a positive approach
  • If someone genuinely is no longer interested in your products or services better that they are no longer in your system than you thinking you have a huge list of prospects who are ready to buy, when that isn’t the case

High Performing E Mail

For more information on e mail marketing contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here. For more information on email and other marketing techniques click here

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