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Electric Truck Vehicles Are They Good For Business

Electric Truck Vehicles Economical & Quiet

Electric Truck Vehicles Can Save You Money

Do you match one of the following scenarios.

  • You are a manufacturer with a large industrial single site or perhaps you have a number of large sites all located within a close geographic area (perhaps just tens of miles from one another)
  • You are a large single or multi sited university or college campus. With accommodation, halls of residence,  lecture rooms and theatres, workshops and a multitude of lecture rooms and stock rooms to keep stocked and operational
  • You are a facilities management company responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and general day to day running of a large science park, industrial estate or retail complex

In all the above cases you may well benefit from using an electric truck which would offer a number of significant advantages over an equivalent petrol or diesel vehicle.

Electric Truck Vehicles

The advantages of an electric truck over an equivalent diesel utility vehicle in the above scenarios

  1. If you are typically driving up to 60 miles a day of short continuous stop start driving then an electric truck should from a fuel cost perspective will potentially yield a significantly lower running cost
  2. Electric vehicles are incredibly easy to drive, some typical comments about Fox EV electric trucks include
    • “The electric vehicles are so responsive it makes driving them a real pleasure”
    • “Having to travel around the campus both early morning and late at night the quiet operation of the electric truck makes it an ideal method of transport”
    • “The narrow width and excellent maneuverability of the Electric Trucks makes them ideal for using on pathways / narrow limited access areas unsuitable for  a larger diesel vehicle
    • “I love the fact that apart from putting on charge last thing, the Fox electric vehicle is virtually maintenance free”
    • “We need to use our vehicle to drive to sites throughout the city and the vehicle is great to drive on the road”

Calculate the savings of an electric truck over a diesel truck
To calculate the potential savings check out the Electric Truck savings calculator or to see the wide range of electric truck styles available, alternatively to find out more about the benefits of electric truck vehicles. To click here Andrew Goode an experienced marketing professional click here. For information and news on other business developments click here

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