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Do You Know Your Competitors Competition

21 Customer Questions To Provide You With Business Insight

If you are looking at developing your business strategy, thinking about your competitors can help you consider an element of your business.

The list of 21 competitor questions will hopefully help stimulate your strategic thinking.

Do You Know Your Competitors Competition strategy-sheets

Try Answering These Questions About Your Competition.

  1. What industry are you in?
  2. Is this a good industry to be in?
  3. What do customers think about your competitors?
  4. What do you think about your competitors?
  5. In what areas are you beating your competitors?
  6. How else can you beat your competitors?
  7. How do customers find out you are better than your competitors in these areas?
  8. What problems do your products solve that your competitors’ don’t?
  9. Are you serving the widest possible market?
  10. How good are your competitive positions?
  11. What do you do differently from your competitors?
  12. What’s the difference between your customers and your competitors’ customers?
  13. How can you find out what your customers think about your competition?
  14. Do you compare reviews of your products to those of your competitors?
  15. How can you encourage your competitors’ customers to switch to your company?
  16. How can you get in contact with your competitors’ customers to tell them why they should switch to you?
  17. Which clients are driving you mad?
  18. Maybe you should suggest they go to your competitors?
  19. Who is your most serious competitor?
  20. Who are currently just new/minor threats?
  21. What would your closest rival do if they took over your business?

Do You Know Your Competitors Competition

The above questions are designed to provide a stimulus for thinking. For more information on how to get business insights that will help you develop your business strategy please call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here

Note: If you are looking at developing a business strategy for growth we may be able to access Government funding to help you develop your business. To keep up to date on any funding initiatives click here

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