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Do Differently With Proposals

What Do Superstar Businesses Do Differently With Proposals

Proposals Succeed or Fail

Some Proposal Winning Percentages

  • 4% win more than ¾
  • 77% win less than half of all bids
  • 40% win between ¼ & a half
  • 37% win less than ¼

What makes the difference? Where is the effort?

Note: The very effective are only good at 50% of factors
Super-bidders – Value and benefits customers expect

Winners Characteristics

Losers Characteristics

Ruthlessly prioritiseUndisciplined and reactive
ProactivePursue too many opportunities
Set clear objectivesMechanical ways of proposals
Got a strategyNo time to do things differently
Allocate resources front loadedLots of proposals
Focus on the buyers – what value / benefitWork in isolation
First stages of a business relationshipMinimum to get out of door
Learn from experience
How can the proposal be easier to progress
Focus on hitting deadline
Want to win (Winners Win)Selling what got
Keep on revisiting

Key Accounts

Has prospects will be big tomorrowImportant today
Open willingLeave account to a specific person
Focus on external customerCopy what others do
Work out what things do we need to do to keep long termFull of generalisations
Talk about things there doing for their customersSay we need to build long term relationships
DifferentiationKeep things to self
Be specificHeavily into ‘selling’
Understand what is driving customers business


  • Focus on getting people to understand and help to buy
  • Help them to get what they need
  • Help in partnering
  • Partnering is win, win (why would you hide things , keep it open)
  • Agree the mutual objectives
  • Identify problems and get them into the open
  • I want to work with you

Unique, Special and Different

  • What is unique and special about your organisation? What would the world have lost – what are the differentiators?
  • If you don’t have the expertise, find someone who does & get them on board.
  • Most people turn up most days to do things that are rejected.
  • Developing a compelling reason to change
  • Getting people to understand
  • Are you a superstar?
    • If not what are you going to do differently?
    • What makes the difference?

What Do Superstar Businesses Do Differently With Proposals

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