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Whats new in digital marketing advertising

Online advertising – time to think again?

Have you previously tried google ad words and essentially just burnt cash. In which case now might be time to think again about online advertising

Reasons to consider search advertising

  • It provides the option of Short term / immediate visibility
  • Search advertising might help you meet ranking objectives
  • If you have a good offer then you can generate more traffic to your website
  • Search advertising is now more targeted than ever so perhaps you can get in front of your target audience cost effectively
Whats new in digital marketing advertising

Whats new in digital marketing advertising Social Media Advertising

  • Facebook is pushing brands to pay for reach  – so this means that the only way to guarantee that your message is seen in page is to advertise (so that you pop up at the opportune moment and opportune time) see the Statista research findings
  • Ideal as controllable and for local audience

There are currently two options for advert placement of facebook

  1. Place an advert in the news feed
  2. Place an advert in the right hand column
    • It is generally felt that option 1 placing an advert in the news feed is more effective

When should you advertise on Facebook

  • to improve the reach of your posts
  • to targeted demographics
  • to improve likes and fans
  • to drive traffic to your website
  • Insights gives you clues on what will work

Whats new in digital marketing advertising – Google

  • Google had the mobile algorithm update in April which will impact mobile search and ultimately the need for sites to feature responsive design
  • A further Panda refresh further impacts on the importance of content
  • There are potential changes happening with Google + whereby this facility will be replaced by Google place again

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