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Digital Disruption – Is It Impacting On Your Business

Digital disruption and change are a constant threat and opportunity to business. Over time businesses have had to adapt to the Agricultural revolution, Industrial Revolution and now the Digital Revolution.

This change means that there are winners and losers. Just because you have a great product or service now doesn’t mean that you will have a product for the future.

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Think of the following scenario – in the past to complete difficult mathematical calculations you could use

  • The abacus provided a great tool for early calculations, these were then superseded by log tables
  • Log Tables  – these were then superseded by The Slide Rule
  • Alro, Arithma and Bundell Harling , being 3 of the brands being available (whatever happened to them?)
  • Calculators – including early models from the Anita and Friden (whatever happened to them?) with early models costing £000’s
  • The modern smartphone now encompasses all the functionality of a specialist calculator  (this capability purely a by product of other core functionality
  • Further developments being voice recognition whereby you don’t even need to write or type the question – you can simply ask the question and get an answer

Digital Disruption Is Quicker and More Disruptive

To see quantifiable representation of how disruptive the digital world is click here 

“Disruption is either going to happen to you or because of you” Brian Solis

Disruptive influences of the digital world

  • Access not ownership
  • Perpetual beta
  • Soft skills
  • Data value
  • Location services

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Examples of Digital Disruption

  • Wal Mart car parks tracked by satellite to see how busy the stores are. This impacts on share price
  • From 2006 to the current time we have reached the point where online sales now account for 20%
  • Computers are developing soft skills whereby they can now rate the beauty of a picture
  • With the recent storms in America Tesla was able to increase the range of its cars as a temporary software upgrade

Digital Disruption a key element of marketing

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