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Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

Establishing a marketing process is critical if you want to achieve effective and efficient sales and marketing. In this article we will consider 3 key elements; controlling the process, reviewing the process and adding value to the process.

  • Why did you lose the last piece of business. Review failed proposals
  • How can you add more value to a sale rather than just looking to cut out waste
  • Value is what a customer wants and will pay for – have you nailed this
  • From a value perspective what are your potential ‘Could Haves’
Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

Review The Sales & Marketing Process

1. Use objective measures not subjective measures

2. Ask questions about your Sales and Marketing

  • What worked well
  • What could be done to make it work better

3. Consider these two great approaches to getting sales and marketing completed

  • What can be done to systemise the routine
  • How can we humanize the exceptions!
  • Where does the value appear
  • What are the opportunities to add value
  • How can you create a customer pull and flow through the organisation (example Tesco ATM at every store)
  • Establish a wash / rinse / repeat process to aim towards perfection

Developing And Improving Your Marketing Process

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