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Design Coaching Business Growth Service

Design Coaching – Design Triggers

  • Does the business have a clear idea of its products and service proposition and process to support it – Design coaching could help?
  • Is the business clear about it’s target market and how customers experience their products/services?
  • Does the business maximise it’s visibility and trust in the marketplace (could be branding, logos etc)
  • Is there clarity of the touch points for their marketing/design activity?
  • Is the business differentiated from the competition and is it delivered consistently across its marketing activity?
Design Coaching Business Growth Service

Coaching relating to Design – FAQ’s

Q: Can it be stand alone, or does it have to be an addition to BDC/GTI?
A: Yes, it can be stand alone

Q: Is there a sequence required for companies wanting GA and Coaching?
A: Can either be before or after BDC/GTI, but not simultaneous.

Q: What is the Value of Coaching per Company size?
A: Coaching is delivered on a grant basis (rather than invoice basis) currently with the same minimum and maximum grant amounts as BGS Consultancy (MAS), for full clarrification it is best to check with your local BGM

Q: What is the client contribution for Coaching per Company size and any VAT implications?
A: There is no client contribution for Coaching or Design Mentoring it is a pure match funded grant model. However, VAT will be charged by the delivery agent and normal rules apply.

Q: Do Design Clients get access to the Growth Community?
A: Yes, they are part of BGS so all other benefits apply

Q: Does a Design client get Masterclasses / Workshops the same as GTI/BDC?
A: No, they would only access the full set if they became a GTI or BDC client too. They get access to a specific tailored Design Masterclass – 1 full day.

Q: Can a client have Coaching and then Design Intensive?
A: No, it has to be one or the other. The eligibility criteria states that they must not have had previous strategic design support.

Q: Can Coaching be done at the same time as MAS
A: Yes

Q: Can Coaching be done at the same time as Growth Accelerator
A: No

Q: Are the GVA expectations for Design Coaching higher than MAS
A: On average across the scheme looking for 3 jobs and £129,700 GVA over a 2 year period

Q: Is the day rate for Coaching the same as MAS i.e. £600 per day = £300 per day grant funded
A: The Design day rate is £1000 per day = £500 per day grant funded

Q: What other support provided as part of Design Coaching
A: Access to a full day design specific masterclass

For more information on Design Coaching grant funding from the Business Growth Service click here or to contact a marketing and sales professional click here

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