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Customer Service – The Good

The Importance Of Customer Service?

Have you been subjected to some brilliant customer service recently?

  • You rang a call centre and were amazed by the speed at which your call was answered and the helpfulness of the operator
  • On entering a specialist electrical shop you are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable assistant who is able to provide outstanding technical advice in a jargon fee manner.
  • The busy restaurant table that you had previously booked turns out to have been double booked. The waiter pulls out all the stops and arranges another table making your dining experience enjoyable and memorable.
Customer Service – The Good, Bad And Yours

Examples of customer service I have recently experienced

Good Customer Service: I recently had to visit Belfast on business. I was late getting to the hotel, and upon arrival the receptionist greeted me with a smile and courteous welcome. I was obviously one of the last guests to book in and she greeted me by name and had all the paperwork for booking in to hand. Once the room formalities and obligatory credit card scan were completed, she enquired about dining requirements and provided some great information. The following morning she was at the reception and as I went for breakfast and she greeted me with a “Good Morning Mr Goode”. It cost her nothing to do but was a great example to me of a member of staff who really valued what she was doing.

Bad Customer Service: My wife and I visited the coast at the weekend to take the dog for a walk. As it was cold and bleak we thought we deserved some lunchtime fish and chips. On entering the empty shop we were unfortunately greeted by a very miserable looking assistant. As she mumbled ‘What do you want” I perused the boards and ordered our portion of cod and chips. “£5.90” muttered the assistant. I paid the money, received my change and waited for the fish and chips.

The assistant then preceded to lean against the counter and continued to look like a wet weekend. About 4 minutes later the fish and chips were wrapped and we’re out of the shop and onto the promenade to eat them. Now the fish and chips were absolutely fantastic; beautiful flaky flavoursome fish, light crispy batter, chips that were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, simply gorgeous. But, have I told friends about the great product or the poor customer service!! Just imagine if the assistant had offered a cheery level of service as per my Belfast experience.

Your Customer Service:

  • What happens when someone rings your company
    • How many times will it ring before being answered
    • Will a customer get a consistent courteous greeting
    • Will the person who answers the phone be able to deal with the call
  • What happens when someone visits your office / factory / shop
    • Will they be greeted
    • Will they feel as if they have been noticed
    • Is there a process in place to make sure they are dealt with correctly
  • How do you deal with customer complaints

Customer Service –  Yours, The Good and Bad

Customer service can and does make a huge impact on the ability to gain increased and future sales. Many companies focus all their effort on making the sale and forget about the important element of customers. If you think you would benefit from an external customers services review simply contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729. It could highlight areas where you could upsell, cross sell and repeat sell. For more information, news, hints and tips click here

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