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Marketing Mistake #16 Not Creating New’s Website Content

The benefits of adding “news” content

In this article we are going to look at the primary benefits of adding “news” content to your website. Before we can do this we have to identify does your website have a “news” section.

Many companies when I first talk to them about their websites say ” we haven’t got a news section as we don’t have any news to tell people about”. It’s only when we discuss what constitutes news that they suddenly start to identify new items.

Marketing Mistake #16 Not Creating New’s Website Content

General News Items

Some typical general topics that are newsworthy for a company website

  • The launch of a new product / service
  • The improvement to an existing product or service , focusing on the benefits that this provides customers
  • Case studies about work completed for customers. Identifying what their issue was, why they chose you and your solution, the benefits they have found as a result
  • Information about any legislation happening within the sector
  • Events your company is involved in, which automatically creates 3 stories
    • We will be attending / exhibiting this event / tradeshow etc
    • We are at this trade show / exhibition
    • We attended this trade show / exhibition and this is what we found

So without too much effort we have potentially 12 articles (1 per month) that we can add to the website over the course of the year.

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News Content Is Liked By Google

If you create a regular stream of new (unique and quality) content for your website then this will help your site from an organic search perspective. By identifying the key search terms used for your products or services and writing articles in an optimised format can help improve the credibility of you site. Importantly in some cases these individual news articles may actually rank well for organic search.

As you can see above diagram. If you type in the search term “Pirate Safety Sword” a news article that I wrote on this important topic is ranking number 1 in google.

Marketing Mistake #16 Not Creating New’s Website Content Marketing Mistake #18 Your Website Is Losing You Sales

In Summary

Writing news for website has two benefits

  • It allows people to see that you are still trading and current when they visit your site
  • It can potentially help you in your organic rankings

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