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Inspiring Enterprise – The Key Components

Three keys to an inspiring enterprise

At a recent event I attended the speaker identified 3 keys that go towards developing an inspiring business for the 21st century

The three keys to an inspiring enterprise

  1. Adding speed
  2. Adding purpose
  3. Changing lives
So lets explore what is meant by these
Inspiring Enterprise

Adding speed

  • Back in 2000 Google didn’t even exist, now it is a leading global company
  • The quantity of additional  information that we get now compared to 10 years ago is astronomical , e mails, texts, facebook etc
  • According to Google the information now in 48 hours will be 4 hours in 2020
  • The need for being able to communicate effectively and fast has never been greater “we are in the age of acceleration of everything”
  • The challenge – can you rapidly communicate your business plan

Adding purpose

  • One of the simplest but most powerful questions “Why on earth do we do what we do”?
  • So when you are asked this question “This is why we …” is this a compelling message that has real purpose

Changing lives

  • If you are running a business then you have the power to change lives.
  • The lives of your
    • Customers
    • Staff
    • Suppliers
    • Community

Inspiring Enterprise – The Key Components

For more information on innovation and creativity techniques to help switch you to an inspiring enterprise, contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729. For marketing and sales information click here
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