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Create Great Subject Lines

For E Mail marketing The Right Subject Line Can Make The Difference Between Deleted or Opened

Continuing the 7 step insight into effective e mail marketing, in today’s article we are going to cover step 2 the importance of the e mail subject line.

2. The E Mail subject line

E mail is an incredibly popular form of B2B and B2C communication, being fast and cheap results in millions upon millions of e mails being sent everyday.
Just think about your e mail inbox, do the following non technical classifications apply to you?

Create Great Subject Lines For Improved E Mail Opening
  • Really useful e mail – will file it for when I have more time
  • Great content – I must open it and take action now
  • SPAM – (on this point make sure your IT provider has installed effective anti spam software)
  • Content that you hadn’t requested but might be of use
  • Content that’s been sent to you that you don’t want to read
  • Stuff that you get that you can  tell just from the subject line that it needs deleting

With so many e mails arriving in your in box we typically make decisions on the action we will take very quickly. The subject of the e mail along with who sent it will have a major impact on whether the e mail will be subjected to an instant delete.

Think about the two scenarios

E mail scenario 1: From: Someone you know very well   Subject: This revolutionary new software could help you gain more sales

E mail scenario 2: From: Someone you have never heard from or who is completely new to you    Subject: This revolutionary new software could help you gain more sales

I think most business people, would open e mail 1 (if only from a speculative basis), whereas I think most people would delete email 2 within an instant. This highlights one of the challenges if you are looking to use e mail marketing as a mechanism for opening relationships with new prospects. If you are using e mail for these purposes think about you could improve this process.

3. E Mail Content

So you have sent your e mail to a named person with a great subject line and the person has clicked to open so now you need to have some great content to engage. In the next post we will look at e mail content options.

Create Great Subject Lines For Improved E Mail Opening

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