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Crankshaft Repair For Industrial Applications

Crankshaft repair for industrial applications is a serious and complex  issue which requires a specialist.

In this article, we discuss

  • the complexity of the issue,
  • the reoccurring errors made when seeking the service
  • how we aim to make the repair more cost effective and of minimal disruption.
Crankshaft Repair For Industrial Applications

Crankshaft Repair – Prevent extra costs of unnecessary shaft removal and replacement

The shaft is damaged when engineering bearings falter. Despite it being easy to install shaft bearings, repairing the actual shaft is more challenging and where an expert is needed.

Shaft removal undoubtedly results in unnecessary disruption and outrageously high costs.

The complexity of the task and associated costs is a reason why finding the best engineering company for the repair is so important. You need to find a company who deliberately avoid the elongated time period and high expense by transporting the damaged shaft to a workshop and further costs before final replacement.

Crankshaft repair methods

You need a company with outstanding knowledge and expertise in the field, who has a reputation for being one of the UK’s most trusted companies for crankshaft repair. During crankshaft repair, the damaged shaft stays static while the tool rotates around it.

Depending on the nature of the crankshaft, there are 4 main methods of repair.

  • Orbital machining with superfinishing (often used for marine crankshafts)
  • Orbital machining with a shrink-on-sleeve and further orbital machining.
  • Orbital machining and orbital welding, then final orbital machining.
  • Orbital machining, metal spraying and further orbital machining.

Ideally located to aid you with cost-effective repair

Find an engineering company whose premises are conveniently located. This enables them to easily commute to you and therefore immediately respond to your unexpected requests. We also have the skills to do repair whilst machinery is at work, enabling you to benefit from our outstanding and efficient service at lower costs.

The process of initiating crankshaft repair

  1. The required engineering details fare submitted by you –
    1. a datum point,
    2. the parent metal specification for the shaft
    3. detailed engineering drawings
  2. Aa specialist team experienced in your situation with the equipment required to alleviate your damaged shaft are deployed, enabling you to continue with your day-to-day job whilst we take care of your situation.

For more information on websites that detail crankshaft repair click here. To talk to a marketing engineer click here

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