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Core Making Machines For Foundries

Core Making Machines are manufactured for a wide range of industries and uses. From those people who want to develop the perfect six pack through to the paper industry where a core is needed onto which paper can be rolled.

As the picture shows historically there were some ingenious and beautifully machines created for peeling and then removing the core from an apple (that’s a Gala or Golden Delicious not and i phone or i pad)

Core Making Machines For Foundries

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Core Making Machines For The Foundry Sector

In this article we will look  at core making machines to suit every type of gas hardened foundry system. There are a range of companies who manufacturer cold box core shooters from as large as 120 litres down to 2.5 litres. Typically they will also supply a full range of shell (croning) core shooters and moulding machines. It is also possible to get core shooters for hot box and Silicate C02 if required. In these applications energy efficient, dry air gas generators are utilised with incredibly accurate liquid gas dosing systems that ensure cores are produced consistently and economically. ‘No-Bake’ coreshooters that do not require gas hardening or pollution control systems are available

Core Making Machine Formats available to suit your operational requirements

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic closing and opening
  • Horizontal or vertical joined boxes
  • Integral plc panel with operator interface for improved and easier control
  • Integral gas generator for
    • Amine
    • Methyl Formate
    • CO2
  • An optional insert head that makes it easier to facilitate shoot plate changeover
  • Another option is automatic ejection on slide for horizontally joined boxes (optional)
  • Vacuum clamping allows for improved yields and reduces operator repetition
  • With foundries having so many recipes some have the capacity to store up to 400 recipes
  • For the larger foundry automatic core box identification using micro-chip technology  can be incredibly useful for larger sites

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