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Content Rich E Mails

Content Rich E Mails For A Successful Campaign

Developing Content That Will Engage With Your Customers

What type of content should you use as part of your email campaign? This is a question we often get asked by clients. The issue of long or short copy, plain text or html, include images or text only etc

3: E Mail Content That Will Encourage Action

When creating e mail content the following points should be considered.

Content Rich E Mails For A Successful Campaign
  1. Long or Short content
    1. Long content can be great if the people you are sending the e mail to are unlikely to click on any link (this quite often occurs in weekly information bulletins within memberships associations
    2. Short content can be ideal when you want the reader to click on a story for more information. When they click on an image, Read More Link, Call To Action button (etc) , they are directed to a specific landing page on the website. On this page is additional content specific to the story that provides the reader with a wealth of information that allows them to have a content rich experience. Importantly on this webpage you have total control of the format and additional messages you subject the recipient too.
  2. Image or text only
    • An image relevant to the story line should have a positive impact on opening rates. On product specific emails we have found a definite correlation between having an image and higher opening rates . Note by images I refer to good quality images.
    • If as part of the content for an e mail a low res / out of focus / image is attached do you think that will encourage a click regardless of the relevance.
    • The same applies to clip art within an e mail.
  3. Frequency and consistency
    1. In the majority of B2B cases you cant expect to send a single e mail to a prospect and expect them to purchase
    2. Therefore you will need to develop a series of articles / content that hopefully over a period of time will encourage a potential customer to gain trust in your companies credibility
    3. There is no magic formula for e mail frequency, it very much depends on the industry, sales complexity and state of the relationship.So in some circumstances weekly e mails could be appropriate. In other cases daily e mails may be suitable (especially where you are communicating with existing customers – think of Amazon). The general rule of thumb though is that if you think its too frequent and starting to feel like spam and intrusive it us, but take into account if you are sending your prospects
      1. Content that is of value
      2. Content that is informative without being too salesy
      3. Content that is helping them over come problems
      4. Content that they wouldn’t previously have known about
      5. The potential is that your prospects will look forward to receiving e mails from you (subscribe to Seth Godin if you want to check this out)

Content Rich E Mails For A Successful Campaign – In summary:

There are no set processes or rules that can be applied to content. That is why we always split test content to see what messages and formats attract the best opening rates. If you would like to see examples of content and opening rates that can be achieved click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or click here, for more information  or check out the website
In the next article we will look at the importance of the list in e mailing and how appropriate e mail software can help you manage your list

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