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Condensation In Bathroom A Customer Issue

Condensation In Bathroom Of What Value To A Customer To Fix

Condensation In Bathroom Short Term Expense or Long Term Cost

Condensation In Bathroom is a major problem for many households for numerous reasons. The major issue is potentially the long term damage it can cause to the bathroom. If the bathroom is painted the moisture will over time penetrate the paint and start to cause the paint to peel. flake and eventually expose the plaster. Once this happens there is the chance of damp entering the plasterboard eventually rendering the plaster weak and causing some structural issues.

Another more visible issue is that potentially mould will start to develop on the surface which is not only unsightly but again also poses a potential health hazard. Finally in a bathroom in which you are unable to get rid of the damp it will become difficult to dry the towels and generally not be a pleasant place to clean.

Condensation In Bathroom A Customer Issue

These are issues both short term while you are at the property and also when you are looking to move or sell. If the bathroom has a window, then the obvious solution is to keep this window open whilst the heating is on in order to minimize the moisture, but what if there is no window.
The short term cost which may potentially alleviate the long term issues is to fit an extractor fan. This simple technology is essentially a fan that sucks the moist air out from the bathroom takes its down a large bore flexible hose and then takes it to an outside wall where it is vented to the atmosphere. Now there are many things to consider when choosing an extractor fan such as what capacity do you need, how important is the noise of the fan and how easy will it be to fit.

Condensation In Bathroom A Customer Issue

So a simple everyday customer problem that can be rectified by some simple technology but that actually requires a significant amount of knowledge in order to make the correct selection. If you have condensation in bathroom issues then check out Xpelair fans. If you have marketing communication challenges like how to educate about condensation in bathroom then please click here Andrew Goode on 01733 361729. For more information on website marketing services click here

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