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Composite Manufacturers UK Keeping English Footballers On The Pitch

If you have watched professional football recently then the chance is that you will have seem a player wearing a protective face mask made by a composite manufacturers uk.

These masks provide protection to the player who has previously sustained an injury most commonly a broken nose or a cheek bone fracture.

Without the protection of a mask a player would be out of action for six to eight weeks. With a carbon fibre composite mask a player can be back playing within a couple of weeks.

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Composite Manufacturers Helping Football.

The composite manufacturers UK use a variety of techniques to create the protective masks.
In order to create a face mask that will provide maximum protection a perfect fit is necessary. To achieve the perfect fit a mould is made of the players face. Now importantly if a player has suffered a break then the likelihood is that the face will have become swollen and therefore a mould cannot be taken until the swelling as gone down.

There are a wide variety of approaches to constructing a composite mask. One of the most popular techniques is to use a kevlar element as the strengthening piece to protect the bridge of the nose. Carbon fibre is then used to hold the kevlar in place and provide the structure that fits against the face. Straps can then be placed around the mask to secure it to the face.

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Composite manufacturers UK  face masks provide clubs incredible value

Interestingly it looks as if some clubs are actually having masks made in advance of an injury that way in the event of a carbon fibre mask being required it is available immediately.

The value to the club and player is immense. If a player can resume contact training within a couple of weeks and actually start playing competitively if required this can have a significant impact.

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