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Communicating Complex Product Messages

Communicating Complex Product Or Service Messages

Communicating Complex Product Or Service Messages Is Animation the Answer

My friend Lyndon Wright has just created this video to demonstrate how the use of animation and audio can be used to communicate what could be seen as a complicated subject.

Now the process is way more than just drawing!!

Communicating Complex Product Or Service Messages

Understand the buyer

As with all good communication, there needs to be a beginning, middle and end. This is achieved by trying to focus on 7 to 10 key elements that you want to cover and focusing on a single topic. In the above example the message is focused on just concentrating peoples mind on the purpose of their website. It is therefore crucial that you understand exactly what messages you want to communicate and what triggers you want to tap into. This process requires significant understanding of your customers (and also people who use your product or service but don’t currently buy from you).

Its not a Hollywood epic

The whole video should only last about 2 to 3 minutes before getting to a call to action. The rationale behind this being that if they are interested they will call, ask for more information, visit you etc etc. At which point you will start to build the relationship and continue the sales process.
So the purpose of the animated video is just to make it easier for your potential customer to start to understand the benefits of what you provide. To make it easier for your to continue the sales process.

Animation could help your sales process

If you would like more information on how to create and use animated videos as part of your sales process contact Andrew Goode on 01733 361729  or e mail or click here for marketing news and information

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