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Common Types Of Marketing Message

When you look at marketing messages communicated on promotional material or in adverts be they printed or online you can typically categorise them into one of the following four categories

Marketing Message 1. Bull$#*!

Or as illustrated by the picture on the right. These are marketing messages created by the unscrupulous designed to fool the gullible.

The adage that if it sounds to good to be true it possibly is.

In many cases they follow the classic Rags to Riches storyline i.e. I was homeless. broke. my marriage was dissolving, thankfully I stumbled across Wizz Bang at only £19 and now I am a multi gazillionare with 5 Ferrari’s and I only work one day a year.

4 Common Types Of Marketing Message Found In Promotional Material

Marketing Message 2. So What

These messages are often found in technology companies where you read about the frequency, power, rpm etc and at the end of it go “So What”. These messages are often used when companies don’t understand who they are trying to sell to and what pain their customer is feeling. So they end up creating a bland message designed not to engage with anybody “So What”

Marketing Message 3. Education

In today’s fast moving environment technology develops so quickly that the way we did something five years ago may be dramatically different to the way that we do it now. We have an ageing population, a growing population who have only ever experienced the web and social media. In many cases it is therefore necessary to educate consumers in order to provide them with sufficient knowledge in order for them to take action on a purchase. For this reason educational pieces of promotional material are more and more common.

Marketing Message 4. True Value

Promotional material that has been developed for a specific type of person and features specific messages, that are absolutely on target in terms of relating to the pains faced by the target consumer, are the goal of a sales and marketing professional. These can only be created if detailed information is known about the types of customer and what it is that is causing them pain and provides the customer with value.

So How Do You Communicate True Value

  • Numbers sell so quantify points where possible
  • FREE is a powerful word especially when the item that is FREE is genuinely valuable
  • Rapid Results i.e. being able to quantify when you will see a benefit
  • Exclusivity – again when its a genuine offer and not just a cheap marketing ploy
  • Regular bite size portions, so small snippets of information frequently provided as opposed to a monster white paper

4 Common Types Of Marketing Message Found In Promotional Material

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