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Commercial Property Peterborough

Research And Understand Commercial Property Peterborough

The chart on the right hand side shows the number of offices available and their size. Understanding what is available and the amount of space on the market will give you an edge and this will help shape your strategy. Note this graph was correct at the time of publishing but the commercial property Peterborough can change rapidly and studying a market takes time.

The characteristics Your Ideal Commercial Property Peterborough Will Provide

  • Location – perfect for major roads / all staff
  • Prominence/Visibility – high so it automatically acts as a prominent piece of advertising
  • Accessibility for staff/customers
  • Size – perfect for your growth aspirations
  • Layout/Configuration – minimum work required ideally you just move in
  • Car Parking – ample car parking for all
  • Broadband Connectivity – BT infinity is available in certain parts of the city offering high performance low cost broadband compared to city fibre
  • Condition of Property – no repairs required the moment you move in
  • etc

Finding A Suitable Property Is only part Of The Challenge

So you now know what you need and have a clear idea of what is available in the market and this will allow you to make informed decisions on the properties available, enabling you to create a shortlist. Out of this list you may have a favourite building. Once selected you then need to be able to negotiate a deal that does not leave your business exposed (be particularly careful when entering into a lease agreement as there are many clauses that can catch a business out). A word of warning, not fully understanding the implications of what you are signing is a common mistake and ignorance can be costly.

In Conclusion of finding a Commercial Property Peterborough

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to find the right property
  • Understand what you need but be prepared to compromise
  • Pursue all avenues of enquiry, but remember who the agent acts for
  • Research and understand the market
  • Alternatievly – if you haven’t got the time, the market knowledge, the property expertise, or perhaps the inclination, call the experts who can do it for you.

For more information on commercial property ask a property consultant, for information on Website Design Peterborough click here or for companies who market commercial property Peterborough click here

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