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Commercial Property For Sale In Peterborough

Commercial Property For Sale In Peterborough And The Issue Of Timing

When do you want to move

One of the 1st things you need to consider is timing. When do you need to move and what could affect this. The timing of a move can be affected by the building you currently occupy. For example if you own your building do you need to achieve a sale to fund the move or hold as an investment and rent out. If leasing, what are the provisions in your lease for exiting i.e break clauses and notice periods and conditions on the break clause can be tricky, repairs (dilapidations or the cost of having to put a building back into repair) and lease expiry dates.

Minimising Moving Costs

When moving, the aim is to minimise the costs by timing a move to avoid having to pay two lots of overheads, although this is far easier said than done. In the experience of Jonathan Hand of Talkspace whilst larger businesses tend to plan well ahead, smaller businesses are typically more reactive and will often reach capacity before beginning the search for new premises, which can sometimes force business owners to have to make snap and rash decisions.

Commercial Property For Sale In Peterborough

Speaking to Peterborough business owners who are looking to move, one of the biggest issues for them is that for the inexperienced finding the right property can take time and often business owners who are busy running their businesses typically don’t have much spare. Sometimes they delegate the responsibility but this takes up a valuable resource and that individual may also lack the necessary experience to be effective.

How much time should you allow to move

So how much time should you allow to move? As a very rough rule of thumb, Jonathan hand would say allow at least 6-12 months, although it is the proverbial piece of string. The more particular your requirement the longer it may take and also how much time you can spend on the search your level of experience are all factors and also supply of what you are looking for (but more on that in a minute). As an example, Jonathan had a client who had been looking for 18 months for a F/h ind prop and not found anything and then provided me with instructions and I found them something virtually on their doorstep within a couple of weeks.

For more information on commercial property for sale in Peterborough click on this link. If you a business looking for growth and are interested in commercial property for sale in Peterborough click here

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