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Commercial Property For Rent Peterborough

Commercial Property For Rent Peterborough – How Do You Go About Finding

So we are aware of our timescales and have a clear idea of what type of building is needed, how do we go about finding it. There are essentially 4 main options

  1. Pick up the phone and speak to your all your Peterborough business contacts
  2. Drive round the Peterborough area, looking for marketing boards and familiarising yourself with a particular area. This can be particularly time consuming and might not produce results.
  3. Internet searching. Unfortunately there isn’t a single website which contains all the vacant properties and therefore this alone will not provide for a whole of market search. Some agents do not list properties on the national websites. As an example Jonathan Hand of talkspace once found a property for a client on page 8 of a google search.
  4. Registering your requirement with all of the Peterborough and surrounding area commercial property agents. Which agents deal locally and keep in contact with them.
Commercial Property For Rent Peterborough

Know what you want from a Commercial Property For Rent Peterborough

Knowing what you are prepared to compromise on is important. The more things you will compromise on, the easier the search. However, business owners can be very particular about what they want and this can become a major block to moving.

Common Commercial Property Misconceptions

A common complaint amongst business owners is why don’t the agents listen to their requirements and send them through the information that is relevant and why don’t some even bother to call them back at all?
In my experience at this point business owners will start to deal with a small handful of agents who are the most helpful. This is a mistake as it shrinks the choice available. You have to be patient and persistent and it takes time but sometimes you just have to keep chasing for the required information. No matter how frustrating.
It is important to realise, on what side of the fence the agent is on. They act for the property owner and landlord and not for you. This is where most business owners get it wrong, as there is an assumption that the agents are there to help them.

Commercial Property For Rent Peterborough

For more information on commercial property for rent Peterborough click on this link. If you a business looking for growth and are interested in commercial property for rent Peterborough click here

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