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Commercial Heating Peterborough

Commercial Heating Peterborough Identifying The Reliable Companies

Commercial Heating Peterborough What To Consider

Commercial Heating Peterborough there are lots of companies within the region who would suggest that they offer services to businesses. If you are looking for Commercial Heating Peterborough suppliers then the following could be some questions to see if they will be suitable

Commercial Heating Peterborough – Who To Choose

Commercial Heating Key Questions

  • Are all there engineers Gas Safe approved – i.e. will you be getting qualified engineers to perform maintenance or repairs to your heating system
  • If you have an oil based heating system do all the engineers carry the relevant oil based qualifications and accreditations
  • Does the company carry out all the heating maintenance and repairs using its own staff or does it subcontract through other Commercial Heating Peterborough based companies. If it does
    • Who will be responsible if the maintenance or repair isnt fixed to your requirements
    • Why not go direct to the main contractor and avoid paying an additional handling fee
    • By dealing direct you avoid any issues should there be problems with the heating installation or repair
  • In many cases it appears that in a commercial heating installation the very first thing an engineer says when he comes to fix a problem (on an installation not completed by them ) is “Well if I had put the boiler / valve / condensor / heating tank / pipework (choose any piece of equipment as appropriate) in I wouldn’t have done it like that.
  • So the challenge at that point is to get a heating Peterborough based company involved who are happy to maintain / repair the system without requiring to completely re-pipe your factory or office
  • Always make sure that you get a detailed written proposal from the commercial heating company and make sure they are VAT registered. The chance of getting any legitimate company to take on board your system who are not is very unlikely.

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