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Catering Kiosks A Marketing Tool

Catering Kiosks For Market Research

Over the last 5 years I have seen so many food businesses set up on the high street, spending thousands of pounds on shop refits, thousands of pounds on equipment / furniture rents and rates. Only to see the cafe / restaurant / coffee shop close (sometimes within months) as the business fails to engage with its audience. (Compare that to the dynamic nature of catering kiosks). Now there can be many reasons for this failure but here are 4 that I believe are relevant

  1. The food product / service offering just wasn’t wanted by the local audience
  2. The footfall within the located area wasn’t sufficient to encourage passing trade
  3. Often relocating into a new building goes over budget which then reduces the available budget to promote the food outlet to the wider audience
  4. The food offering was insufficiently differentiated from the mass of other food outlets

But we live in an incredibly dynamic and opportunistic world. 

  • We are time poor, we have just so much to cram in and so little time.
  • Just think of the work environment how often do you start early and finish late
  • How often do you grab lunch at your desk (at work)
  • When you are out and about on business or pleasure how often do you end up grabbing food on the go
  • In the multi cultural society in which we live do you find it easier to embrace different foods and snacks that perhaps you had never previously seen
  • What ever the circumstances do you find that you still need to eat and drink

CATERING KIOSKS Provide A Great Mechanism TO ASSESS Customer Needs And Tastes

If you were thinking of a new cafe / food outlet why not consider using professionally manufactured catering kiosks (units that can often look like a permanent structure but is potentially mobile) to test market.
Some of the benefits of setting up catering kiosks

  1. Place your catering kiosk where the ‘potential target’ footfall frequents – no excuse for being in the wrong place or hidden
  2. With a catering kiosk you can achieve a highly professional set up for a fraction of the price of equipping a retail building
  3. A well designed catering kiosk will allow to easily change the ‘brand imagery’ whilst keeping the same core product / service. re wrap / skin your kiosk to create a completely new brand feel
  4. This allows you to test between is it the brand that is stopping people from purchasing or the type of food / beverage you are serving

For more information on Catering Kiosks simply click on the link. For more information about marketing approaches but not catering kiosks visit the website or call click here on 01733 361729

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