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Cardboard Box Suppliers Beware

Cardboard box suppliers 3 important selection criteria

Do your Cardboard box suppliers have the correct size

Depending on the type of items and volume of item that you are looking to transport or store, you may require cardboard boxes supplied in various sizes. For stationery items, your cardboard box suppliers should have archive boxes that match the standard paper sizes i.e A4, A3, A5 etc.

Lidded storage boxes that cover the contents are also available for various types of items that need both extra protection and which are perhaps going to be moved more frequently and the lid will help retain the contents..

If you are using cardboard storage boxes for shipping , your cardboard box contact should pay extra attention to sizing. Too-large a box may cost you more than necessary, whereas using one that is too small may result in damage to contents when they are shipped.

Your box supplier will be able to advise on identifying  the cardboard box size, taking into account the volume that any protective filling such as polystyrene fill chips or bubble wrap for cushioning for the products you dispatch.

Cardboard Box Suppliers Beware

Consider the Shape and Weight of the Content Items

When buying cardboard boxes, your cardboard carton suppliers will consider not only the size of the items you want to pack, but their shape as well. For example, if you want to transport a tandem, you will need a large cardboard box to fit the tandem’s shape.

Accurately measuring the item is always a good idea before making a purchase. The weight of the content is another factor your cardboard box suppliers will consider. Typically cardboard box manufacturers will have a range of cardboard boxes with various levels of durability. If you want to transport heavy items, you should specify cardboard boxes made from sturdy corrugated cardboard.

Don’t let your cardboard box suppliers bamboozle you

As with all technologies there is a variety of jargon

  • Single-wall boxes consist of an inner layer, outer layer, and fluting medium. Ideal for storing or transporting lightweight items that do not require extensive protection.
  • Double-wall boxes are the ideal choice for storing items for prolonged periods of time. Ideal for courier or removal company usage.
  • Tri-wall cardboard boxes are the strongest types of cardboard boxes you can find on the market. Made from corrugated cardboard, these boxes are a good choice for transporting fragile or heavy items.

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