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Business Principles From Millionaire Entrepreneur

I recently had the good fortune to attend an event where the key note speaker (a highly successful multi millionaire) shared some of his business principles as he grew a business from zero into a £100 million operation.

There was a great deal of content but below are some of the key observations of this highly inspirational, successful and down to earth entrepreneur.

Business Principles From A Multi Millionaire Entrepreneur

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Business Principles Of A Multi Millionaire

  1. Follow one course until success – don’t get distracted or deviate
  2. The philosophy of those successful in business “There is No FREE lunch”. You have got to become responsible for yourself
  3. As the Chairman, Worker, Manager, Accountant, Toilet Cleaner within my own business – the rise would become effective as soon as I was
  4. Never give up – 5 up didn’t work, 6 up didn’t work , 7 Up was a success
  5. Don’t become complacent always take notice of customers
  6. Its always good to hear from other people – who can help you
  7. Do more than you are paid to do, eventually you will get more for what you do.
    • The actual experience was of cleaning windows. When cleaning the windows he actually cleaned all around the frames (for the same price as just the windows)  because he didn’t know any difference
  8. In business the answer is yes now whats the question. So in his case he went from window cleaning to property maintenance
  9. When you employ staff, they must be of the mindset and confidence that whatever you ask them to do (as long as its not illegal or immoral ) they will do. Flexibility is critical in a small business
  10. Time is critical – use the minutes to the best of your ability
  11. Be really nice to your customers, you want to deal with them in a way that they are not just customers they are “Fans” who shout positively about your business

Business Principles From A Multi Millionaire Entrepreneur

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