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Business presentation – Why 80% of them fail

Reason’s for business presentation failure

Often we develop a business presentation format (content, tone, style, format etc) and expect to be able to replicate delivery of this set presentation. The challenge – You cant deal with everybody the same way

So how does this manifest itself in the business presentation situation

  • Firstly – individuals listen / follow differently. This is a really simple example “No Problem” could mean there is no problem or could mean “No; Problem” i.e. No we cant do, that it would be a problem. The challenge exists of miss communication where I say one thing and you interpret something completely different
  • Listening abilities; apparently we think at 500 words per minute.
    • So we start a presentation,
    • In presenting ideas the recipient is processing the ideas and information provided and working out what you said.
    • During this processing stage they miss some of the key content
  • The process of persuasion varies i.e. what gets the Financial Director excited, possibly wont excite the Sales & Marketing Director. The challenge being “Whats in it for me” and if there are different people involved appealing to them all
Business presentation

Considering the sequence of persuasion in a business presentation

Some key elements to consider
  1. What is the end game? Are we looking to close the sale or build a relationship. The process of consultative selling will be explored in future articles
  2. At the attention stage what impression are you creating through your business presentation
          • Your business cards – a simple business tool but what does your business card say about you
          • Forms of address – polite / aggressive / confident
          • The formality that you show – rigid / this is what I want to talk about and nothing will distract me
          • The pace of your delivery
          • Simple introductory greetings
  3. Through the interest and desire stages how are we delivering
    • Facts and evidence that support our business case
    • Emotion and passion
    • Interaction

4. Once the business presentation has finished what do you want the person to do

  • How will you respond to questions
  • What support information do you have
  • How do you establish the next steps.
  • How do you establish that the person has fully understood

Business presentation

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