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Business Is Not Rocket Science

Business Is Not Rocket Science It Is Common Sense

Really Simple Factors For Success:

  • Keep on doing things differently – as soon as you stay the same your competitors will catch up (and you wont be different anymore)
  • Be brave
  • Use common sense – its amazing how many businesses seem to lose this as soon as they reach a certain level of success
  • Listen to customers
    • Keep an eye on the outside world – so many companies never seem to venture out of their ivory tower. I was amazed when I recently spoke to a marketing department of a sizable organisation who told me that they have no remit to talk to customers!!!
    • Don’t become insular
  • You must keep asking questions
    • Internally question everything that you do
    • Externally question all the factors that could impact your business or provide sales opportunities
  • Keep looking – is this where we want to be?
    • You must never lose sight of looking forward long term
    • Equally you must not lose sight of what is going on at the current moment
  • Get things done – procrastination will result in missed opportunities
  • Consider what do we have to achieve rather than what budget have we got
  • Differentiate between leadership and management
    • Leadership – doing the right things (making it all happen)
    • Management – doing things right (priorities)
  • The issue of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)
    • Therefore just take positive steps
    • Different people helping you wrestle with the instinctive and the analytical, providing you with a blend to help you fix
    • Don’t be hypocritical
    • Turn commonly held wisdom upside down
Business Is Not Rocket Science It Is Common Sense

Business Is Not Rocket Science It Is Common Sense

If you are business surround yourself with talent that complements your skills and challenges your approaches. If you are a creative who hates numbers get a number cruncher. If you love detail and being precise work with someone at the other spectrum. For more information on marketing and business development click here . To contact a marketing and sales professional click here

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