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Business Development Sweetspot

Identify Your Business Development Sweetspot

Finding your business development sweet spot

4 key Business Development Elements

  • Passion – this business activity really excites you
  • Profession -you have the skills and capabilities to professionally deliver what’s required
  • Vocation – doing this seems more than just working
  • Mission – this business activity is part of long term objective

Over Arching Business Development Drivers

  • You love it – why develop a business on something that you don’t enjoy
  • You are great at it – the skills that you already possess can be put to good use
  • The world needs it – there is a positive demand / need for the product / service that you have developed
  • You are paid for it – The solution you have created has value and you can make profit by providing it

Identify Your Business Development Sweetspot

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Identify Your Business Development Sweetspot
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