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Bunded Fuel Bowser

A Bunded Fuel Bowser should be tough, fitted with high-quality running gear to provide reliable service, be easy-to-use and maintain and importantly be secure .

Importantly it should meet all UK legislation requirements ADR , U.N certification and Environmental pollution prevention.

Units should be ADR compliant with full U.N. certification and approved for transporting diesel on the road and feature baffling within the inner tank to ensure improved stability when on the move (further helped by using high speed axles and 5 stud braked hubs)

Bunded Fuel Bowser

What you should look for in a Bunded Fuel Bowser

  • Ideally they will be 110% bunded in accordance with Environmental Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2)
  • Manufacturing construction should be all steel for high security and strength in order to withstand heavy use, being suitable for use with petrol or diesel
  • Bunded Fuel Bowsers are typically available in 500, 1000 and 2000 litre formats
  • The fully bunded tank is constructed from steel throughout and is seated on a tough galvanised tubular steel chassis. Highway specific features include handbrake and hydraulically damped overrun braked hitch, with mudguards, lights and high speed specification axles and tyres.
  • The inlets / outlets to the inner tank should be housed in a secure and lockable enclosure at the rear of the tank.
  • For maximum durability bunded fuel bowsers should feature
    • Fully galvanised tubular steel chassis (thus being maintenance free)
  • From a filling and fueling perspective the following features are considered important
    • Fully sealed magnetic drive tank contents gauge
    • A flow rate of up to 95 litres/min
    • Incorporating a fuel filter importantly with a replaceable filter element
    • Automatic breather and pressure relief valve
  • Many units come with 3 to 5 year extended warranties which should provide additional peace of mind when procuring

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