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Blast Proof Windows

Blast Proof Windows Integrated with the Architecture

Blast proof windows are often required in buildings such as chemical plants, high profile buildings or buildings at risk of terrorist attack. Protective measures such as blast proof windows and blast proof doors must be integrated within the architectural design of both public and private buildings to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and suitable to be prepared for any potential blast.

It is unfortunate that in today’s world  counter terrorist measures have to be undertaken on buildings where a ‘bomb blast’ attack is a serious threat posed by terrorists. If an explosive device is detonated (for example by an IED) a pressure wave is produced which can travel for great distances affecting not only the targeted building but buildings in the entire surrounding area.

As a result, significant damage can be caused to buildings which have not been designed or up rated to be blast resistant. In the event of a blast shattered glass and other components from the windows become projectiles and pose a significant threat to serious injury or life.  Bomb proof doors, bomb proof windows, bomb proof screens reduce the impact of this threat

Blast Proof Windows

Blast Proof Windows Reduce The Impact of Flying or Falling Glass

In the event of an explosion, If local buildings are not adequately protected from the bomb blast, the glass facades of these buildings may shatter and the projected glass fragments have the potential to cause serious harm. It is estimated that up to 95% of all injuries resulting from a bomb blast are caused by flying or falling glass. Note whilst the term Blast Proof is used, due to the variances of the blast pressure a more accurate / appropriate term is ‘blast resistance’  For example, a blast can vary significantly in size. i.e.comparing a small rucksack bomb to a van with tonnes of high explosive. Both blasts pose a potential risk to life but the impact of the blast differs significantly.

Blast Proof Windows Design

Blast proof windows designed to protect against a small explosion will not typically protect against a large explosion. It is therefore important to fully assess the risks and carry out an external assessment undertaken by government or approved agencies to establish the threat posed to the building. The relevant agencies and consultants can then advise on the level of protection required. Once the levels of threat levels have been identified appropriate blast resistant windows, doors and curtain wall solutions can be identified from existing ranges or new designs developed specifically to suit the requirements of the project.

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