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BGS Leadership and Management Non Eligible Activities

BGS Leadership and Management activities that are specifically not eligible:

1. Coaching and Mentoring)
2. Mandatory provision i.e. programmes leading to qualifications that are specifically required for the business and/or the individual to operate.

Examples include the Chartered Insurance Institute Level 4 qualification for Financial Advisers, and the LMC (Leadership and Management in Care Services) Level 4 for Health and Social Care (NB: The LMC Level 5 is eligible for support).

3. Technical provision: These are examples of provision that cannot be supported:

  • Health and safety
  • Alcohol licensing
  • Product specific training ( e.g. to use a specific piece of machinery or software)
  • Job specific skills e.g. cookery skills for restaurateurs; photography for photographers; marketing for marketing executives; NLP for NLP practitioners/coaches
  • Technical qualifications (typically those at NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) Level 3 equivalent or below, unless these are specified as management qualifications).
BGS Leadership and Management Non Eligible Activities

4. IT training, including Search Engine Management (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); as well as IT programmes such as Word, Excel, Sage. Funding cannot be used to support the purchase of IT hardware, software or website development.
5. Travel and accommodation and related/similar costs e.g. subsistence, membership fees, capital equipment, postage costs, and anything that is “consultancy” with no training.
6. Accreditation, e.g. support for assessment costs relating to IiP (Investors in People) or ISO. L&M funding can support provision that helps the business achieve its growth objectives (particularly IiP, where the link to eligible training is clear). Where examination costs are an integral part of a training programme, they can be supported.
7. Tactical marketing.g Google adwords, SEO , Linked- in training
8. Training design and management costs
9. Deadweight ,Reimbursing Training that has begun already, Training that would have been paid for otherwise by the client . Training agreed prior to joining BGS

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