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Would Your Business Benefit From A Coach

For those people who want to perform better a coach (or range of coaches) are often seen as a suitable approach. Think of Andy Murray over the past few years he has achieved levels of world class performance. Now whilst its Andy who is on the tennis court, he has a team of specialist coaches including Technical. Physical and Nutrition who are able to help and advise. None of these coaches can play tennis as well as Andy but they can all help Andy to play a better game of tennis.
So could you or your business benefit from a coach. In this article we will consider if you have some mindsets that are holding your business back.

Would Your Business Benefit From A Coach

Is your business performance held back because

  • You believe that your business will suffer if you are not there all the time, taking a holiday is simply out of the question
  • You have a sense that you are married to your business and it demands all your working hours
  • Your business doesn’t generate enough profit to justify your efforts
  • You have lost passion for your business
  • You have a lot of business experience however you haven’t really invested in yourself

If you have answered YES to any of the above then you could probably benefit from thinking about business coaching. Call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 to discuss coaching options

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Areas that coaching can explore

  • Environment: Is it your business environment that’s holding your business back
  • Behaviours: What are the habits within the company, is their a positive or moaning culture. Perhaps your the person doing all the whinging and moaning
  • Capabilities: Is the company equipped with the skills and expertise, additionally can you be bothered
  • Beliefs & Values: Are these consistent throughout the company

Would Your Business Benefit From A Coach

For more information on coaching click here . To talk to an experienced professional marketing coach click here

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