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Bedford Business Club – Generate More Business

Bedford Business Club – Generate More Business From Your Website Presentation Notes

Following on from the presentation in March to Bedford Business Club by Andrew Goode of Blue Dolphin Business Development the following were the key points from the presentation

Bedford Business Club Generate More Business From Your website Blue Dolphin

Bedford Business Club 7 Key Factors

If you want to watch the video summary contact Andrew Goode

  1. Make sure that your website is seen as different. This could be achieved through
    • great design
    • good navigation
    • superb content
    • Top Tip – ask some Bedford Business Club members what they would expect from your website
  2. What first impression does your website create
    • When someone lands on your home page is it easy to find what they want
    • When someone lands on the page is the key information where they would expect. Don’t save all the good content for the bottom of the page put the good content at the top
    • Make sure that its really easy for a visitor to know exactly what you do
  3. When designing your home page make sure its easy for people to navigate away from it
  4. Scrolling on a web page
    • If you are interested in the content on a website you will potentially scroll down to read more. make sure you engage with your customer with great content to increase the chance of vertical scrolling
    • You should never design your site to be viewed with the need to perform horizontal scrolling.
    • Want to see how scrolling affects the performance of your web page just call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 to find out more or e mail
  5. Capture the details of visitors who come to your website
    • If you get a visitor to your site (its a bit like a person walking into your business premises – if they did you would probably ask for their name and contact details), well why not try to capture their name and e mail. You might need to give away something to encourage this i.e. information but how much would it be worth to capture your visitors details
    • Top Tip: when at your next Bedford Business Club event take time to ask other members what would encourage them to give you their details if they visited your site
  6. Make sure that all your contact details are easily found on your website
    • Your telephone number should be easily visible on every page
    • Why not put your opening hours on the site
    • Make sure its easy for people to e mail you
    • You should always show your business address details
  7. The website will need words (content in it ) but can you use
    • Images – make sure they are your images and not stock shot pictures (that aren’t typical of who you are)
    • Videos – can these be used to better communicate hard to explain issues
    • Illustrations can be very effective at communicating complex subjects
    • Top Tip: when at your next Bedford Business Club event get someone to review your site and give you honest opinion about the images you are using and what they communicate
  8. Its no good having a brilliantly designed and styled site if you don’t have any visitors so the bonus tips below are designed to help you get traffic to your site
  9. If you need to get traffic to your site quick, consider Google Adwords (essentially advertising on the web) but be very careful these can be a licence to loosing money if you do not know the guidelines
  10. For many getting found for organic search is the ideal i.e. Your site is structured and developed in such a way that it ranks without the need to spend money on advertising. This is a subject in its own right so at this stage i would just suggest these 5 points
    • Make sure you know what words your customers are searching for (there is absolutely no point in being ranked number 1 for a search term that isn’t used)
    • Identify how many people are searching for these exact terms
    • Evaluate if these searches carry any commercial intent
    • Can you economically win the search battle. It may be that the term you want to rank for is very very competitive and you will struggle (or have to spend allot of time and money to get a top 10 ranking)
    • Are there better non web ways to get traffic to your website – an advert in the trade press perhaps
  11. Is Google local of relevance to you. Again this is another big subject which I will cover another day
  12. Last but by no means least ‘Your Web Site’ is never finished. You should be constantly looking to see where your site can be improved from a traffic and conversion perspective. Carrying out simple A/B testing can produce significant improvements if conducted carefully
If members of the Bedford Business Club have any questions following the the generate more business from your website presentation please call Andrew Goode on 01733 361729 or e mail or watch a video presentation at Bedford Business Club Generate More Sales click here
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