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Banqueting Tables – A Product Solution For An Operational Challenge

Banqueting Tables – The Key Benefits They Provide

Banqueting Tables – Shapes and Sizes

Banqueting tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
Round – typical sizes 6 foot, 5 feet 6″, 5 feet, 4 ft, 3 feet 6″, 3 feet, 2 feet,
D End – typically only 5 foot version available
Rectangular – typical sizes 8 foot x 2 foot 6″, 6 foot x 4 foot, 6 foot x 3 foot, 6 foot x 2 foot, 6″, 6 foot x 2 foot 6″ high bar, 6 foot x 2 foot, 6 foot x 1 foot 6″, 4 foot x 2 foot 6″
Square Banqueting Tables – 2 foot x 2 foot

Banqueting Tables

Typical banqueting tables specifications

If you are looking for contract quality tables then there are a number of key specifications you should ensure that they conform to

  • The top should be made from one piece exterior grade plywood of a minimum 18 mm thickness. This will ensure the surface is strong enough when fully loaded with crockery and food plus durable enough if the surface becomes wet
  • The table should stand at least 30 inch from the ground
  • A really important feature is a strong locking mechanism as it is crucial that the table does not become unlocked when in use. Equally it should be simple and quick for operatives to unlock the mechanism when the table needs to be folded flat.

Banqueting Trestles and Tables Really Useful Accessories

There are typically two versions available the planet trolley which is suitable for round banqueting and the extra large trestle table trolley which is suitable for rectangular tables.
Another useful accessory for tables (especially if you need them for an event where there will be very tall people is trestle table extension legs that will raise the height of the table by 6″ (150mm). Importantly they are very easy to fit – note they are typically sold in sets of 4.

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