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Marketing Mistake #14 – Badly Set Up Adwords Campaigns

Setting the scene on Adwords

If you want to get search traffic to your website quickly then Adwords provides on the surface the perfect tool. Choose the search words / terms that you want your ad to be associated with, assign a set of money and “Boom” you can be getting instant traffic to your site.
Now on the surface this appears to be marketers perfect mechanism to do targeted marketing. Your advert appearing at the time that someone is actually searching for what you are selling!

Marketing Mistake #14 – Badly Set Up Adwords Campaigns google-ad

So why do so many companies get Adwords campaigns wrong

I must premise this with the fact that many companies (especially the larger ones with dedicated resources) get it very right and Adwords is a cost effective and critical part of their lead generation and sales process.

The 4 biggest Adwords mistakes offences we see being committed are

  1. Companies setting up a campaign without any great thought. Now its interesting that Google etc make it so easy to set up a campaign. You can type in some search terms, accept the default settings add payment details and you are live – you now ready for the world of impressions and CTR. Whatever you want to spend the process, its been made really easy and off course £technically”you can monitor exactly how well your advertising is performing
  2. Sending traffic to the homepage. Why would you send a visitor to the home page of your website? The purpose of the homepage as discussed many times before should be to make it easy for a visitor to navigate too the specific content that they are looking for. If you have a search advert send the customer direct to the page that’s relevant or even better create a specific landing page associated to the advert, that way you can match advert and content messages perfectly
  3. Not analysing in detail the results achieved. I ‘m shocked how many companies set up their adwords campaigns assign a monthly budget and leave it at that. Assuming that if they have spent the budget then they have got the leads they desired and everything is in order. In many cases companies are only spending £00’s per month so no other analysis required. But what if the £00’s are generating no results – that’s money that could be used elsewhere and all of this is avoidable see point 4.
  4. Not setting up Adwords, Goal Tracking and Analytics correctly.  We recently analysed a company who were spending £1500 per month on adwords. They were using a PPC agency to manage their campaigns but the agency hadn’t set up any goal conversions or tracking. The company had absolutely no idea which of the 9 campaigns being run were actually performing. We subsequently set up tracking and over a period of 8 weeks identified that 7 of the 9 campaigns were generating no conversions

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Adwords Is Great Marketing Tool But Needs Managing

If you are currently running adwords campaigns but are not generating the ROI you expect or are not measuring at all then request an Adwords Analysis
If you are thinking that adwords could be beneficial to generating more traffic, we will conduct an analysis to identify how to get the most from your budget.

Marketing Mistake #14 – Badly Set Up Adwords Campaigns google-ad google-adwords-book

There is a wealth of information on adwords and integrating with analytics  (100’s of books – who wouldn’t want to read all 739 pages of Google Analytics Demystified third Edition – a very good book). Alternatively talk to someone who will actually set up and manage a campaign and provide you with the business case (not just produce a standard report without any context as to if its working or failing).

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