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Ayr8 Riding Hat – At What Stage Are Your Buyers

The issue of traffic and search on the internet is a constant discussion point with clients and colleagues. If you have a product or service to provide is anybody searching for it on the web. If they are searching for it at what point in the buying process are they ? How do you ensure that your site is found and provides the correct amount of information allowing the purchaser to proceed to the next stage of the transaction. To showcase this I have used the example of Ayr8 Riding Hat

Ayr8 Riding Hat

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Ayr8 Riding Hat – The importance of the keyword

So lets imagine that you are new to horse riding and from a safety perspective you are looking to purchase a riding hat. What search term would you use in Google

  • Lets imagine you use the term “Riding hat

This would make perfect sense from the basis of a first search term attempt. Of course because the term is so broad there are lots of results in this case about 2,570,000 results. So if you get found at this early stage of search there is a high chance that you have no idea of what you are really searching. The options are almost limitless

  • Information on types of riding hats
  • Where to buy a riding hat
  • What riding hat for a specific activity
  • Recommended riding hats
  • etc

So whilst it is great to get found early, unless your content matches the need of the searcher it could be you will lose them as soon as they land on your site!

Now fast forward in the process and lets imagine that my research has identified the Ayr8 Riding hat is the one for me.

Ayr8 Riding Hat getting found at the right time

So now I have completed my research and identified what I need the next stage is to be able to identify where I can procure the Ayr8 Riding Hat. The need to get found for this specific search term increases. Now I have a term that exactly matches my search criteria I will use this to see whats available.

For more information on search and traffic in future articles and videos click here Ayr8 riding hat , for information on websites we build that could be used to sell Ayr8 riding hat click here

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