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Automotive Photographers

Automotive Photographers Making Metal Look Sexy

What makes a good car picture

There are lots of people taking automotive photographs. The reason for this could be that to many cars are such an emotive item people / owners  want a photograph of the vehicle to provide a long term memory.

  • Whether its a picture of your current pride and joy,
  • A photograph to show off your first high performance vehicle,
  • Images of a lovingly restored vehicle
  • A picture that showcases both the vehicle and the driver
  • A sexy provocative image that can be used to sell products or grab attention
Automotive Photographers

Automotive Photographers What Makes A Great One

For many people photography is a very subjective skill. To the automotive photographers who have spent days composing the shot, creating the ideal lighting conditions, identifying the correct props etc their great automotive photograph could appear as just a nice picture to a non photographer. With so many people having could quality digital cameras (outside of the millions with point and shoot digital cameras) what makes it that someone can create a high impact (in fact stunning) automotive image.
The following is possibly a list of what constitutes great automotive photographers

  • A passion not only for photography but equally a 100% petrol head
  • Somebody who understands design and branding and can associate the context in which a vehicle (and its owner) should be photographed
  • A people person who can get to understand what the vehicle means to the owner / user, and the sense of joy / fear / excitement that the vehicle provides
  • The photographer will also be a owner of high performance cars and motorbikes and will be able to understand the context of the vehicle
  • Someone with immense creative talent who can transform an automotive snap (that can be used as a screensave) into a monster canvas that you will want on the wall, that will enthuse you and others every time its viewed

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