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Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps

Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps A Great Marketing Development

Clay Pigeon Traps Developed To Customer Needs

I recently had the privilege of visiting a high class clay pigeon shooting ground. This gave me the opportunity to get inside the world of clay pigeon shooting which was a fantastic example of an industry that has to try very hard to meet the needs of the customer.

Firstly lets just consider the facilities at the shooting ground

  • Four Skeet ranges: where clays where clay disks automatically flung into the air from fixed stations at high speed at different angles / flight paths
  • Down The Line: sometimes known as DTL. The traditional DTL shooting layout based 5 stands being set up in a crescent shape 16 yards from the trap house which then sends the clays at about 60 mph, at a distance approximately 55 yards from the shooter
  • Compact Sporting: where more stations are utilised
  • Sporting woodland stands: where clay shooting takes place within a wooded natural environment
  • A 60-foot and a 120-foot tower both add to the variety of targets as they provide a new dimension to how the clay can be launched
  • The site operated over one hundred fully automatic clay traps, which are designed and manufactured in the UK by a leading clay pigeon shooter
Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps

Clay Pigeon Shooters have a variety of needs – segmentation at its best

The next thing that was fascinating from a marketing perspective was how the industry has developed a range of automatic clay pigeon traps products to meet the need of the wide variety of customers who participate in the activity

  • From the first timer who has never held a gun before let alone fire it at a moving target
  • The corporate client who has a group of clients who want a shooting experience without any technical hitches
  • The enthusiast – who wants a reliable shoot and where the performance of the Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps is of utmost importance
  • The marksman who wants a shooting challenge that will test their capabilities

Clay Pigeon Traps

For more information on the marketing of Automatic Clay Pigeon Traps click here, to find out more about new product development and marketing segmentation click here.

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