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Asbestos Duty Holder Responsibilities

Asbestos Duty Holder – What does the duty to manage asbestos involve?

The duty to manage asbestos is part of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. The duty requires you to manage asbestos risk by:

  • Identifying if there is asbestos in the premises (or assessing if asbestos containing materials are potentially in situ and making a presumption that these materials may contain asbestos. Note unless you have information / evidence that they don’t), its location and its condition
  • Both making and keeping up-to-date records of the locations and conditions of the ACMs or presumed ACMs within your premises
  • Assessing the potential risk from the asbestos materials
Asbestos Duty Holder Responsibilities
  • Preparing a written plan that covers in detail how you are going to manage the asbestos risk
  • Taking the required steps necessary to put your asbestos plan into action
  • Reviewing and monitoring your asbestos plan
  • Establishing a system for providing information on the condition and location of the asbestos to anybody who is likely to disturb it or work on it.
  • Important:
    • Anybody who has information on the location of asbestos within your premises is required to make this available to you as the duty holder.
    • Note: as the asbestos duty holder you will need to assess its reliability.
    • Those who are not asbestos duty holders, but control access to the premises, have to be cooperative with you in managing the asbestos.

Although you can appoint a competent person / professional UKAS asbestos management company to carry out all or part of the work to meet the requirements of the duty, as the asbestos duty holder you will have to be involved in the final assessment of the potential risk. Specifically you will need to know how the premises are used and what potential disturbance is possible.

Remember, as the asbestos duty manager the responsibility for complying with the duty to manage the potential risk remains yours if you are responsible for maintaining relevant parts of a building.

Asbestos duty holder check list

  • Step 1 Find out if asbestos is present
  • Step 2 Assess the condition of any ACMs
  • Step 3 Survey and sample for asbestos
  • Step 4 Keep a written record or register
  • Step 5 Act on your findings
  • Step 6 Keep your records up to date

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