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Are Your Customers Revolting

What is changing in the way customers behave?

  1. Customer expectations are rising. Now this could be that over time customers have become more demanding or it could be because as customers experience better customer service in certain sectors they now have higher expectations on all transactions
  2. Customers want it when they want it. Research identifies that the amount of time we are prepared to queue have on average gone down to 2 minutes (compared to 5 minutes 6 years ago). Patience runs out after 10 seconds on waiting for a web page to load
  3. Customers don’t believe the hype. Ipsos Mori research has identified that consumers are largely cynical of advertising claims with nearly half (48 per cent) of those surveyed stating that they only trusted advertising claims ‘some of the time’. Interestingly  four in 10 (38 per cent) identified that they ‘never’ or ‘seldom’ trusted advertising.
  4. Customers are becoming experts. With the development of mobile technology and access to the internet there is a world of information available to customers.
  5. Customers are talking and listening more. Social media has provided numerous opportunities for commenting and feedback. Applications like Trip Advisor are now common tools for consumers to use in the selection of holidays and restaurants

The challenge is that we have now got to work harder to build customer trust and ultimately create delighted and devoted customers.

Are Your Customers Revolting

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